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Apr. 4th, 2015 06:33 pm
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Title: Empty
Chapter: 2: Alfred Pennyworth
Fandom: Batman/DC Comics
Summary: A companion piece to the first chapter. Alfred contemplating the impact Dick's had on Bruce's life.
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Link to AO3:

To say that Wayne Manor had died the day that Thomas and Martha Wayne had wasn’t the exaggeration that Alfred Pennyworth wished it was. The day that Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed in Crime Alley was the day that Wayne Manor’s population dropped to one lonely young boy, his butler, and the echoes of his tragic past.

Alfred did his best by his young ward, kept up the grounds, raised the boy as his father would have wanted, while maintaining his station, made sure that Bruce was kept informed about his father’s company, saw to his education. But one thing he could never do was chase away those echoes; fill the manor with more than the suffering of a young man.

But for all of the love and care he gave to Bruce over the years, it took a young boy in equal emotional turmoil; a young boy with an indomitable spirit, a quick smile, and the ability to shine even in his darkest hours; a young boy who would remind Alfred’s own ward of his humanity; a young boy who would inspire others and draw them back to this place in turn. It took that once desperately lonely and sad young boy, now a man, finding his own son to finally bring Wayne Manor back to life.

Chapter 1: Dr. Leslie Thompkins
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